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 Our Services_ 

Due Diligence


Conducting research and evaluations regarding individuals and companies in order to mitigate risks regarding business opportunities

[ Background Checks / KYC / AML / PEP ]


Oghma’s services are fully customized and shaped uniquely to suit each of our clients’ needs.


Litigation Support


Providing assistance in litigation and arbitration cases in forms of hard evidence and extensive reports.

[ Bespoke Intelligence / Arbitration / Legal Disputes ]


Negative Campaign Uncovering

Tracing and exposing negative campaigns against individuals, companies and other entities.

[ Disinformation / Social Media / Counter Strategy ]


Financial Investigations
Support in cases of fraud and scams by individuals, companies and websites with origins in the clearnet,
darkweb and the cryptocurrency industry.

[ Cryptocurrencies  / Darkweb / Financial Reports ]


Asset Tracing & Missing People

Tracking of hidden assets and individuals around the globe.

[ Company Registrars / HUMINT / Mapping ]


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