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 About Us_ 

Avihu Marom

Founder & CEO

[ 8 year experience in Homeland Security ]


Avihu Marom, is a research specialist with 8 years of experience working
in the homeland security and business sector as a project manager and
an analyst.

Among his commissions were projects relating the telecommunication,
cyber security, fintech, blockchain, shipping and dredging, corporations
and venture capital industries.
These projects took place in many different locations around the globe,
spanning Europe, Russia, Africa and the United States.

Oghma was established in late 2020, and was designed as a decentralized
firm which enables great adaptability and flexibility in tackling different
challenges in the business arena.
The firm employs a vast network of assets and specialists located around
the world, which enables it to manage projects with the most relevant

Oghma’s affiliates possess further abilities such as HUMINT
(Human Intelligence) methods to create a holistic solution.

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