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[ Background Checks ]


KYC procedures of Companies, individuals and other entities.

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[ Disinformation ]


Social Media trend mapping and aliases.

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[ Darkweb ]


Deep-web investigations in websites, markets, forums and data leaks

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[ Asset Tracing ]


International asset investigations.

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[ Cryptocurrencies ]


Uncovering blockchain scams and fraudulent investment opportunities

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[ Legal Disputes ]


Hard evidence compiled for legal firms.

I came to Oghma in the midst of a losing legal dispute.  Oghma was able to identify key information that allowed me to cut my losses and reduce restitutions.

I have invested in an online scam. After losing my money, I turned to legal advice which was unable to offer help due to the fact that the owners of the scam were aliases and their location unknown.
My lawyer referred me to Oghma with the need for more information. With Oghma’s help, I was able to identify the identity of the scammers and the jurisdiction they were working under and file a lawsuit.

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